Your Costs

Original Medicare

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. If you need certain services that Medicare doesn’t cover, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket unless you have other insurance to cover the costs. Even if Medicare covers a service or item, you generally must pay deductibles, coinsurance and copayment.

Your Out-of-Pocket Costs With Medicare

This year, the bills not paid by Medicare are at their highest ever. It’s important that you consider insurance to help pay these costs.


Medicare Part A: Inpatient Hospital
FeatureMedicare Pays*You Pay*
First 60 days100%$0
Coinsurance 61-90 daysAll but $352 a day$352 a day
Coinsurance 91-150 daysAll but $704 a day$704 a day
Coinsurance 151+ daysNothingEligible expenses
BloodAll but three pintsThree pints
Skilled Nursing Facility Care- First 20 days100%$0
Coinsurance 21-100 daysAll but $176.00 a day$176.00 a day
Coinsurance 101+ daysNothingAll
Medicare Part B: Supplemental Medical Coverage
CoinsuranceGenerally 80% of Medicare approved expensesGenerally 20% of Medicare approved expenses
Excess BenefitsNothingAll
BloodAll but three pintsThree pints
Additional Benefit
Emergency Care Received Outside the U.S.NothingAll costs