Medicare Supplement Basics

Original Medicare covers many health care services and supplies, but there are many costs it doesn’t cover. A Medicare Supplement is health insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill gaps in Original Medicare coverage.

Medicare Supplements don’t work with any other type of health insurance including:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Employer/union group coverage
  • Veterans Administration benefits

Medicare Supplement policies help pay your share (coinsurance, copayments, or deductibles) of the costs of Medicare-covered services. Some Medicare Supplement policies cover certain costs not covered by Original Medicare

Every Medicare Supplement policy must follow federal and state laws designed to protect you, and it must be clearly identified as Medicare supplement insurance. Medicare Supplement insurance companies can only sell you a standardized Medicare Supplement policy identified by letters A through N. Each standardized Medicare Supplement policy must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it. Cost and service are usually the only differences between Medicare Supplement policies sold by different insurance companies

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